Oct 12, 2016

Why won't my Xbox 360 connect to Xbox Live? | Yahoo Answers May 22, 2009 Help, I Can't Connect To Xbox Live Anymore! - Xbox this sucks, this is my only day off this week i cant get online. my ps3 network works fine, but i prefer xbox live. its now 9:30 and it still wont connect. i guess i will fix myself a cup of why wont my new xbox 360 (slim) connect to xbox live

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Jun 27, 2017 Xbox Support You need to enable JavaScript to run this app. How To Fix Xbox 360 Won't Connect To Xbox Live - YouTube

For a good while now my 360 just won't connect to xbox live. When I run a connection test it connects to my wireless internet okay but when it tries to connect Xbox live it tells me there is something wrong. It gives me two suggestions: 1. To disconnect my router and modem then reconnect after a few minutes.

Xbox 360: Go to My Xbox. Choose System Settings. Choose Network Settings. Choose the network you're currently connected to. Choose Test Xbox Live Connection. If you’re not using an open NAT, you’ll see a message with a yellow exclamation point next to it. How can I change my NAT type? The two most important steps to easing NAT restrictions are: My xbox 360 wont connect to xbox live.? | Yahoo Answers Jan 08, 2008 (Q) Can't Connect to Xbox Live on 360 Emulator : xboxone Contacted Live Customer Support, but nobody seems to be able to help. It seems that this is a bug with the 360 emulator. I can only go online in the emulator once I'm connected to a wi-fi network, not wired. The problem started happening after I "manually" assigned my Xbox One an IP address, in order to open ports and have an open NAT.