If your PlayStation 3 is not reading discs, or is reading discs inconsistently, then follow this flow chart to fully diagnose the problems with your Blu-Ray Drive. Step 1. Insert a disk into the PlayStation 3 Blu-ray Drive. Q1. Does the PlayStation accept the disk? Yes - Go to "Step 2" No - Go to "Q2" Q2. Is the Blu-Ray Drive Blocked?

Playstation 3 40GB cechj02 (60gb ssd) model - Not working. $40. aspendale. Selling my PS3. Sony PlayStation 3 PS3, 2 Controllers & 7 Games Guitar Hero Bundle Re: Playstation 3 Controller not working on Windows 10 Ok here is the fix that works for me. Go to Google, type in " connect PS3 controller to PC " click on the first video that shows up and watch it. #3 donalbane Member since 2003 • 16383 Posts Well this is what they told me to do when I called Netflix, but I notice I have to do it every single time I want to watch PS3 Netflix. Jun 03, 2018 · Open the DualShock 3 drop-down menu and, select your PlayStation 3 controller from the list. Once, you have selected your PS3 Controller from the click on Install. The action is responsible for configuring all the necessary files automatically. As soon as it is done merely plug-and-play your PS3 controller and it will work automatically every time. Part 3: A better way to Play DVD or Blu-ray: Leawo Blu-ray Player. If you are a PS3 beginner and you are not very clear about the instructions mentioned above, then you can find a much easier way to solve the issue on PlayStation 3 not playing DVD. Find another DVD player as the PS3 alternative.

Please ensure your PlayStation 3 is connected to the same home network as your Harmony hub. Your Harmony hub and PlayStation 3 must be within 15 feet, or 5 meters, of each other. However, they do not require direct line of site. Harmony Express pairs and controls PlayStation 3 …

Jun 06, 2017 · You may need to pair up the controller to your PlayStation once again. In order to do so you will have to turn on he PS3, then connect the controller to the PS3 with a USB cable.

Jul 19, 2019 · As a PlayStation 3(PS3) and YouTube fan, you may always use PS3 YouTube app to make better use of the PS3 controls with an improved user interface and option to pair the app with mobile phones to use as a remote control. But many users have encountered YouTube app not working on PS3 errors and your world comes into a screeching halt. The PS3

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