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Note: If you have Verizon HSI service, check to make sure you installed filters on all phone devices, including fax machines and answering machines, and make sure you do not have a filter between your phone jack and router. For more details, refer to your installation guide. When I am anywhere other than in my house where I have wi-fi, my 3G is not working. I can receive phone calls and texts but cannot access the internet. Help? Here's info on the requirements and capabilities of the Verizon Wireless 3G Network Extender (EvDO). Minimum System Requirements and Device Capabilities - Verizon Wireless Network Extender (1X) Aug 01, 2019 · Starting in early 2020, Verizon will no longer permit customers to transfer 3G phone service from one account to another, activate 3G service on a pre-existing line, swap a malfunctioning or lost 3G device for another 3G device, or use a 3G phone to roam outside of the U.S. Verizon hopes customers will see the restrictions as a motivation to upgrade to a new 4G LTE phone. Let's get your 3G back on Tmm78! Please call *228>option 1>power off/on at end of call, test. If issue continue, please provide your ZIP code and software version. AntonioC_VZW Follow us on Twitter at

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CDMA Network Retirement | Verizon If you're having issues activating a 3G / 4G device, here's info on CDMA network retirement.

The issue may be that the outlet is not working. Try plugging something else, such as a different charger or even a lamp, into that outlet. If that device doesn’t power on, it may be the outlet that is broken or not currently working. Plug the Jetpack charger into a different outlet.

Verizon Confirms That It Will No Longer Activate 3G Phones Jul 16, 2018 TracfoneReviewer: Tracfone Closing 3G CDMA Network- (Now May 26, 2019 Verizon confirms that it will no longer activate 3G phones Jul 17, 2018