I usually do a complete scan of my computer once every sunday, where I select all my 4 drives and enable all options, just to get a thorough search. Earlier this took about 2-3 hours to complete with about 900k files scanned. After I upgraded to Malwarebytes 4, this takes much longer. So far, it has taken 6,5 hours to scan 600k files.

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Usually when I run a Full Scan with McAfee Internet Security it would take about 50 mins to an hour and scans like over 300,000 files. I have just tried a full scan now it is only scanning 44,000 files and finished in about 3 mins. Is this a bug or something I have Version 16.0 Build 16.0.154

Dec 16, 2017 · I have had the same problem. I ran a initial 'Full Scan" and it ran for 48 hours, checked over 19 million items and found 56 threats. Eventually I realised that it would never end as it was checking the Time Machine Back-up which was running every hour or so and creating new items to check.

Nov 03, 2011 · the more files the longer the scan, I have one system with a 250GB hard drive, and 90GB available, it takes between 4 and 6 hours to complete a full scan, I run it over night when I am sleeping My recommendation is to run the scan in Safe Mode, and use rkill to close open procs if necessary.

Malwarebytes Scanshould it take this long??? - Anti I have a lot less ram than you do and have never had a Malwarebytes scan take anywhere near that long. A quick scan takes less than ten minutes and it seem like the full scan takess about an hour How long should a full scan take? - Malwarebytes for Apr 10, 2009 Is it normal for a full scan to take this long? : Malwarebytes