2013-6-30 · The folder you have it it close down Utorrent and navigate to that folder; Run a virus check; if its a game you can install it from there if its a video file copy it to another folder or the Video library. then switch utorrent back on. Then you can watch/play it and leave it seeding for other people as everyone here has suggested.

What does 'seeding' mean in torrent downloads? | Yahoo … 2009-9-8 · I finished downloading a file in utorrent, it says 'Done : 100.0%' but the status remains 'seeding' since like YESTERDAY. I dont know if the file's broken or what. I dont wanna delete it cause its 584 MB and Ive been downloading it for hours and all for nothing. So what does seeding mean? Downloaded now Seeding - What Does That Mean? - The 2007-12-25 AFTER DOWNLOADING A TORRENT(100% complete) WHAT …

Optimize Your uTorrent Experience (14 Easy Hacks)

What is uTorrent Portable? Utorrent, stylized “uTorrent’ or now uTorrent Portable for the app, is one of the leading download clients on the Internet today. It offers a service known as “magnet link’ which is an easy and often anonymous way of downloading a file without signing up to a website. Like so many torrent […]

In file sharing, super-seeding (aka 'Initial Seeding') is an algorithm developed by John Hoffman for the BitTorrent communications protocol that helps downloaders become uploaders more quickly, but it introduces the danger of total seeding failure if there is only one downloader.