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If run under sudo, the ngrok client previously consulted the sudo-ing user's home directory file when looking for its default configuration file. It now consults the home directory of the assumed user. To workaround this, you may specify an explicit configuration file location with the -config option. Changes in … EasyEngine Config File Mar 12, 2014 Getting Started With Fio - GitHub Pages fio trivial.fio fio trivial.fio --output=trivial.txt # write output to a file fio trivial.fio --output-format=json --output=trivial.json And that's it. For comparison, I've uploaded the the output from some of my machines. A couple were run in mmap mode before I switched to posixaio to keep closer to the Windows config. how do I get apt-get to completely uninstall a package? Feb 23, 2013

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ubuntu - Restore /etc/ configuration files from the A related serverfault question describes how to restore package conffiles if you've removed them, and requires that you track down the actual .deb file.. All you need to do: Find the list of conffiles provided by the package: dpkg --status (look under the … How to Use APT-GET Commands In Linux {Beginner Tutorial May 06, 2019 How To Protect SSH with Fail2Ban on Ubuntu 14.04 May 07, 2014