How to Use a PS3 Controller on a PC: 11 Steps (with Pictures) 2020-6-27 · When you open the "Devices" manager on your PC (accessed by typing "joy.cpl" into the "Run" application), your PS3 controller will show up as an Xbox 360 controller. This is because the Xbox 360 controller is natively supported by Windows, while the PS3 controller is not. How to Connect a PS3 Controller to a PC - Lifewire 2020-6-20 · Using a PS4 controller with a PC is a simple plug-and-play operation. But connecting the DualShock 3 controller to a computer takes considerably more effort. Still, it's worth it because connecting a PS3 controller to your PC allows you to play your favorite … How to Connect PS3 Controller on PC Windows 10? [5 …

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PS3 hard drive to read on a PC??? - PlayStation Nation Can i hook up a PS3 hard drive to a PC to retrieve data or do i have to format the hard drive in some way before it can be read on the PC? My 60gb PS3 recently got the YLOD and I had a lot of game

PS3 hard drive to read on a PC??? - PlayStation Nation