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Despite the lack of prompting, 84 percent of online households named at least one concern they had about online privacy and security risks, and 40 percent cited at least two different concerns. By far the most frequent concern—shared by 63 percent of online households—was identity theft. Other common concerns included credit card or banking Congress Overturns Internet Privacy Regulation : NPR Mar 28, 2017 Reps. Lofgren and Eshoo propose Online Privacy Act Nov 05, 2019

Feb 28, 2019

Congress just killed your Internet privacy protections Mar 28, 2017 Instacart denies widespread data breach as more people use Jul 23, 2020

Apr 12, 2018 · Abstract: “We study consumer privacy choice in the context of online display advertising, where advertisers track consumers’ browsing to improve ad targeting. In 2010, the American ad industry implemented a self-regulation mechanism that overlaid ‘AdChoices’ icons on ads, which consumers could click to opt out of online behavioral

Dec 31, 2019