Dec 20, 2018

Why would my ip be automatically blocked on Craigslist Jan 24, 2014 Does Craigslist ban accounts or IP addresses? | Yahoo Answers Jul 20, 2011

Yeah, my ip got blocked for some reason, as well. I was an avid lister but certainly not a spammer. Anyways, I used an IP masker of sorts, Spotflux. There are plenty of other similar programs. They did not block my account, only my IP address. Alternatively, I hear you can request a new IP address from your internet service provider.

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IP has been banned from viewing contact info on Craigslist

My IP has been blocked by craigslist, not sure why, how can I fix this? Cancel; 0 Tecknowhelp over 4 years ago. Do you have a router or a gateway? If a gateway, the most direct way is to change the MAC address of your router(WAN MAC) then reboot the modem. This will force the router to get a different IP. 121 Craigslist Account Reviews and Complaints Page 8 Craigslist Account reviews: My IP address is blocked. IP address. Illegal block of my IP address. I can't log in. No help. I don't know why account is on hold. I am being blocked from going on Craigslist. Why would my ip be automatically blocked on Craigslist