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When they say "I identify as a woman" what they mean is "I want other people to interact with me socially as if they believed me to be an adult female human." Thus, by declining to interact with them on their desired terms, you are "undermining their identity." Extremist groups are UNDERMINING the war. In this context, does 'undermining' mean 'controlling'? No. It means 'indirectly weakening destroying public support for the war. And does (the verb 'undermining') have a negative connotation? Yes, it sounds like it is being done sneakily,

It does not wholly undermine the principle though it does leave it somewhat tarnished. process Lax local authority policies and the undermining of policies of restraint on appeal, severely undermine processes of urban regeneration.

Jul 24, 2020 How to Deal With People Who Undermine Everything You Do Look for the Signs. Before anything, make sure you’re actually dealing with social undermining. We …